Important ticket info for 16+ ticket holders

After consultation with various health and event services, we are updating our entry policy for Youth 16+ ticketholders. You are now required to enter the event with a ‘responsible adult’ - that is, someone you know well who is over 18. You can check out the definition of ‘Responsible Adult’ at the bottom of this news item.

If you do not have a responsible adult who already has a ticket and is attending the show, you can apply for a complimentary ticket to convince your mum, dad, older sis or bro, (or someone else responsible) to come along with you (click on the REGISTER link below to do this).

You will need to register your responsible adult prior to the event to avoid delays on entry. One responsible adult can accompany up to FIVE 16+ ticketholders - you’ll just need all the ticket numbers located on the PDF issued by Moshtix.


Incomplete requests will not be processed. Be sure to fill out all fields.


Please head to the Youth 16+ lanes at the festival gate with any queries and we'll be able to assist on the day of the event.

To summarise:

Find a responsible adult.
Do they already have a ticket? If yes, register their details here.
If no, apply for complimentary ticket and register their details here.

Head to the FAQ section of our website or email if any question you have is not answered there.

We understand that this update might cause some inconvenience so if you’re not able arrange a responsible adult to accompany you to the festival, please contact Moshtix to arrange a full refund.


We have a special Chill Out Zone at the festival that is full of goodies for all our younger punters, including a phone charging station, free drinking water and your own private toilets! Go in and check it out, there’s heaps of soft lush grass to lie on and chill with your mates.


Keep an eye out for our wonderful Crowd Care Team that will be patrolling around in their high-vis vests. If you have questions, need directions, or just want a chat or a buddy to boogie with they will be more than happy to assist! Same goes if you’re feeling unwell or a bit overwhelmed, they will be able to help you over to the Chill-Out Zone, or to any other festival services that you need.

We hope you have an amazing festival and please remember to look after your mates and ‘don’t ruin the festivus for the rest of us!’. We want Laneway to remain 16+ for many years to come so let’s all play our part to keep it that way!

Remember, you need a responsible adult to enter the festival with you, so don’t forget to REGISTER.

Laneway Festival xo

Responsible Adult, in relation to a person who is under the age of 18 years, means a person who is of or over the age of 18 years and who is -

(a) the younger person’s parent, step-parent, guardian or grandparent; or
(b) the younger person’s spouse; or
(c) a person who is acting in place of a parent who could reasonably be expected to exercise responsible supervision of the younger person;


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